I am not a professional musician, I am not a composer. Music is just my hobby. Some friends of mine are my "fans" and they suggested me to create a site in which I can gather all my music.

So here I am. All the music I uploaded is completely free, you can listen to it, you can download it, you can share it. But you cannot modify it or make money with it (even though I think it should be very hard to make money with my music)







In the late '90 I started recording music using an old 4 tracks tape recorder (Fostex 280). I did it just for fun with some friends of mine. We have two bands: a standard rock band (Axum) and a "demential" rock band (The Woofers). We spent a lot of time creating songs using very old devices such as QY10, Korg M1. I remember that my friend Paolo and me spent a whole evening to "write" the arrangement of a song in the QY10, note by note. I read the score and Paolo put the notes on the QY10: three hours to put the piano and the strings lines!
Then came Cubase...Cubase 1.0!

Year after year we improved our equipment, I bought my first sound module Proteus 2 - Orchestral. Then I found a second-hand Proteus 1 and Procussion.
Then things changed and in 1997 I could buy my first 8-tracks Digital Studio: Roland VS 880 . This was the genesis of Ade, my solo project.

Many years have passed, I updated my instruments, now Proteus is just a bank on a Protozoa cd that contains all the great sound modules of those years. But I keep on composing a cd every year and if I can I will do it even in the future.

Thank you for your visit.

As you can easily understand listening my music there are clear influences from some of my favorite artists such as Dead Can Dance, Arcana, Raison d'être, Lustmord, Jon Mark.
I listen also to classical music, music from the middle age and reinassance.

As you can argue from the titles of my works, I have a predilection for program music and I am inspired by books I love or by peculiar subjects.

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