In Celtic culture, a Nemeton was a sacred grove used on occasion for performing ritual animal sacrifices, and other such rituals.








Picture by Simon Marsden


Celtic Alphabet

Every track of this work draws its name from a tree (in celtic language). The first three names (Beth-Luis-Nion) give the name to the Celtic Tree Alphabet, also known as Ogham.


Celtic Calendar

Beth (birch) - from December 25 to January 20
Luis (rowan) - from January 21 to February 17
Nion (alder) - from February 18 to March 17
Fearn (ash) - from March 18 to April 14
Saille (willow) -from April 15 to May 12
Uath (hawthorne) - from May 13 to June 9
Duir (oak) - from June 10 to July 7
Tinne (holly) - from July 8 to August 4
Coll (hazel) - from August 5 to September 1
Muin (vine) - from September 2 to September 29
Gort (ivy)- from September 30 to October 27
Ngetal (reed) - from October 28 to November 24
Ruis (elder) - from November 25 to December 23
Ailm (fir) - 24 December
Onn (broom) - Spring Equinox
Ur (heather) - Summer Solstice
Eadad (poplar) - Autumn Equinox
Ibor (yew) - Winter Solstice


Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and Programming by Dario Belloni

Cover image by Simon Marsden



Composed and arranged, performed and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded between August and October 2006

Mixed and mastered in October 2006

Thanks to:

Giorgio Belloni



Talkin about trees and celtic culture, I took inspiration in traditional irish music and in modern celtic music



In this work I used a lot of guitars (mostly acoustic) and instruments of irish tradiction such as fiddle, pennywhistle, bodhran, uillean pipes, bagpipes, celtic harp and the finnish kantele.



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