This project is a musical travel around the world. I found some mythological and dark characters in various religion of our Earth. I used this common element but with different musical styles and instruments.

I composed a kind of classical frame for track such as Mythology, Charon, Hel, Thanatos, Hecate and Hades.

All the other tracks are etnical tracks, everyone with its peculiar instruments.









Some of these mythological characters are well known
Hades, Charon, Hecate, Thanatos, Pluto belongs to greek-roman mythology.
belongs to old norse mithology.
Morrigan is the war goddes in celtic mythology.
is the angel of death in islam mythology.
Yan Luo
is the hell keeper in chinese mythology.
Guèdè in voodoo mythology is the spirits family that rules death.
In tibetan mythology Sri are a group of demons who lives under the earth.
is an evil spirit in australin aboriginal mythology.
is the aztec lord of the dead.
Yama is the god of death in hinduist religion.
is the goddes of night and death, queen of the underworld in maori mythology.
is the turkish god of death.
Wendigo, in native american mythology, is an evil creature devouring men.
is the egyptian god protecting necropolis and world of the dead.
is the god of death in some african tribes.





Keyboards and programming: Dario Belloni


Composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded between January and April 2012



This project has two natures: one dark and neoclassical that concernes the classical frame and the other that recalls local musical styles of various mythologial character.


In the frame I used classical orchestra sounds and choirs. In ethnical tracks I used various instruments from celtic harp and pipes to chinese Guzheng, from tibetan bells and overtones, to native american chant, from turkish and persian ney, to african fula flute.


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