Ade refers both to the ancient Greek underworld, the abode of Ade, and to the god of the underworld.

In Greek mythology, Ade and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated the Titans and claimed rulership over the universe ruling the underworld, sky, and sea, respectively; the land was given to all three concurrently. In older Greek myths, the realm of Ade is the misty and gloomy abode of the dead where all mortals go.

The five rivers of the Realm of Ade, and their symbolic meanings, are Acheron (the river of pain), Cocytus (wailing), Phlegethon (fire), Lethe (oblivion), and Styx (hate). Styx forms the boundary between the upper and lower worlds.


The consort of Ade was Persephone, represented by the Greeks as daughter of Zeus and Demetra. Persephone did not submit to Ade willingly, but was abducted by him while picking flowers with her friends. Persephone's mother, Demetra, missed her and without her daughter by her side she cast a curse on the land and there was a great famine. Ade tricked Persephone into eating pomegranate seeds (though some stories say they fell in love and to ensure her return to him, he gave her the pomegranate seeds)

Demetra questioned Persephone on her return to light and air:

"…but if you have tasted food, you must go back again beneath the secret places of the earth, there to dwell a third part of the seasons every year: yet for the two parts you shall be with me and the other deathless gods."

Thus every year Ade fights his way back to the land of the living with Persephone in his chariot. Famine (autumn and winter) occurs during the months that Persephone is gone and Demetra grieves in her absence.

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Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and Programming by Dario Belloni


Cover image: "Isle of the dead" by Arnold Boeckiln


Composed, arranged, performed mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded between July and September 2003

Mixed and mastered in September 2003

Thanks to:

Paolo Turconi


For the first time, in this work I use the Leitmotif. Ade's leitmotiv recurs often as to underline the dominion of Ade over the underworld.


In this work I mostly use strings to evoke a classical eviroment. A bright acoustic guitar is used to highlight the strenght of the Erynies. A piano displays the sweetness of Persephone and a duduk the sorrow of Demetra. A pipe organ echos while the Lord of the Dead passes through his reign.


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