Ghost Ships

Another year, another topic: Ghost Ships!

Excet title track Ghost Ships and the second track Flying Dutchman , all other tracks are inspired to "real" ghost ships.

Schooner Jenny was found trapped in the ice of South Pole in 1840.

Mary Celeste went adrift near the strait of Gibraltar in 1872.

Resolven, was found near Terranova in 1884, the crew was disappeared, but oil lamps were still lighted.

Marlborough, disappeared in1890, then it was found in 1913 near Cape Horn, crew was scheletons, they still wore their own uniforms..

Carroll A. Deering, was found in 1920 near Cape Hatteras, crew, lifeboats and registers were disappeared.

Ourang Medan, was found in 1948, the whole crew was dead with mouths gaping open and eyes staring straight ahead.

MV Joyita was found in 1955 with disturbing blood traces.


Keyboards, guitars and Programming: Dario Belloni



Composed, arranged, performed and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded during 2020



I mostly used synth and drones, with some atmospherical samples and distant distorted electric guitars. In Flying Dutchman only I used classical orchestral instruments.



In this cd also, I composed dark and dreamlike soundscaps. The only classical instrumental track is Flying Dutchman.





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