First decade

Ten years have passed since my first cd. My friend Andrea mocking me told me to release a greatest hits.
So here it is.
Andrea and me choose 40 tracks from the first 9 cds and put them in these two cds collection.

But this is not a "copy and paste" collection. Most of tracks were rerecorded, some of them were rearranged and only few of them are the exact copy that you can find on the original works.

Beside there are two unreleased tracks: Ritual and Bosch.





Acoustic Guitars, Classical Guitars, Ud, Saz, Bouzouki, Reinassance Lute 8 choirs, Keyboards and Programming by Dario Belloni



Composed and arranged, performed and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded between October and December 2007

Mixed and mastered in December 2007

Thanks to:

Andrea Zagato



Beside my usual instruments I added some ethinc string instruments (Ud, Saz and Bouzouki) and a Reinassance Lute.

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