Lost Cities

In theory this year's CD was supposed to be a different one, I was already planning the tracks when I accidentally came across a beautiful documentary about lost cities: Machu PIcchu, Petra, Angkor... It seemed like a fabulous cue to create a series of tracks, so I immediately shelved my initial project (maybe I will prepare it for next year or later) and threw myself into this new idea. Obviously not all the lost cities in the documentary lent themselves to being included in my project, so I decided to include some other locations that held a mystery, most notably Roanoke, although I would have liked to compose a whole CD on the story of this mysterious village. Patience, maybe in the future I will expand on the theme.

Keyboards, Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Programming: Dario Belloni



Composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022


Most of the sounds used are samples of ethnic instruments from the places in the city treated. In Skara Brae I only used acoustic guitar with several overdubs. While in the more 'soundscape' pieces I used electric guitars.



The style is mostly ethnic, except for three pieces of pure soundscape.





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