I saw Labyrinth, the movie in 1987 and it really shock me, it was my fist step into fantasy world, before Tolkien. It is a real milestone for me. So this year, 30 years after its release, I decided to compose a little tribute to this wonderful movie and to that wonderful girl that is Sarah/Jennifer Connelly.


I composed just 30 little sonic pictures inspired by the movie, its characters and its landscapes.













There are three main themes:

The first was the Labyrinth theme that appears at first in the tilte track,

The second theme are the theme of Sarah that appears at first in the second track,

The third theme, is the theme of the Goblin King, that appears at first in the forth track.


Classical Guitar, Keyboards and Programming: Dario Belloni


Composed, arranged, performed and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded between January and October 2016


I chose very different spunds, from classical orchestra to synth, from ethnic percussion to analogic drones.


Style ,as sounds, is very heterogeneous, some tracks are just misterious soundscapes, others have classical style, some others come from middle ages or ethnic world.



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