The Church

In 2018 I left my hometown. The rise of urban decay, crime, pollution or maybe just years go by, made me find a quieter place to live. So I moved to countryside in a cottage with a garden, not so far from the city that I must reach everyday for my job.

Beside an instant improvement of life quality, moving house gave me a pleasant surprise: in my cottage garden there is a little ancient church of VIII century. Obviously, this little church made me choose my new house more that everything else.

The Church was abandoned for decades, now it has become my recording study, my private library and an essential source of inspiration for my "artistic" hobbies. Not only for me. A dearest friend of mine is writing a book of horror tales inspired by the Church, Beside he (Andrea Zagato) took the photograph of the Church that you can see here.


Keyboards and Programming: Dario Belloni



Compored, arrangied, recorded and mixed by Dario Belloni

Recorded and mixed and mastered in 2021


In this cd I came back to classical instruments samples. Many orchestral sounds, but also some ethnical instruments. Almost ubiquitous the sounds of Church Bells and Gregorian Choirs.



Classical instrumental tracks are now back in this work. But I cannot give up soundscapes at all. So, there are some tracks that are pure gloomy soundscapes.





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